Cute Cheap Purses

I never understood the whole buy an expensive item you can’t afford thing. I am all for nice things but not if I have to starve for one month/move back in with my parents/work double shifts at a bar just to afford them kinda thing. Of course here and there I spend too much money but never on one single item. I am over fashion items so quickly I could never imagine wasting hundreds or thousands on just one. If you can afford the items please ignore this post :)

The point of that rant was to segment into affordable yet cute items I love. I love Aldo purses. They are cute, hold up well and are very reasonably priced! So I was online browsing their purses today and they have SO many cute ones for like $1 dollar!! Not really but some are as low as $15!

Click here to check out my favorites!Aldo Purses (more…)

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Yummy Summer Champagne Cocktails!

I LOVE Bellini’s. I am not sure who loves them more, me or Scott but I love them a lottt. I looked up a few recipes for tasty new Bellini ideas but they are pretty much just champagne and juice! Next Summer pool party you hit up, bring a mixed champagne cocktail and be the life of the party asdkljasdklj or you can just bring me one :)

For a standard Bellini (Like a mimosa – oj + peach juice)

  • 2 oz peach juice or peach puree
  • 4 oz Champagne

belliniYou could also just mix champagne with your favorite juice! Cherry, pineapple, cranberry, white grape, etc!

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MAC’s Lustreglass Lipgloss

So I am sure you girls have tried lip plumping lip glosses before, but one of my favorites is MAC’s Lustreglass. It doesn’t necessarily make your lips super plumped but I like the tingle and the sheerness of it. Its a perfect Summer gloss! My favorite color right now is:


It is sheer light pink with baby sparkles but on your lips it just looks like a sheer light pink!


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Kim’s Style Stalker

As you know by now, I love Kim’s style. I haven’t posted any cute accessories lately so I wanted to post a cute way to dress up a casual daytime look. As you can see Kim is just wearing flats, spandex and a jacket. She used the chunky necklace to give her outfit a flashier style. I love accessories and this is a perfect way to spice up any simple outfit! If you are having a pretty plain day, you can choose one bulkier accessory, but only one to bring your outfit to life. Big necklaces are in style right now, bib necklaces, chains, etc. Super cute easy way to glam yourself up!

So the DO’s for the day are: Comfy cute outfits you spice up with ONE large accessory, flats, spandex pants, blazers… add fresh hair and make up and you’re ready to go :)

Some places they carry necklaces like these are: Bebe, Arden B, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Forever21, Bloomingdales & H&M!

kim-kardashian-stylePs…is it just me or is she looking more and more like Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls the skinnier she gets?! Ahhh

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Summer Time Glow!


I loveeee glowy skin so I am always excited to hear new ways to get that summery, glowy look. Someone emailed me a great idea on another way to get this look!

Here is what they suggested:

All supplies are from MAC Makeup…

1. Purchase the creme based MAC eye shadow primer paint called: Improper Copper. It comes in a pot like this below…

Mac cream color base

2. With your fingers, put a small amount on your cheek bones, then take a large eyeshadow brush, and brush the MAC eyeshadow called: Motif over the improper copper… yes eyeshadow on your cheeks… careful tho, not too much!mac eyeshadow

This will leave a light gleam look. You can put this over your face make up, so this would be instead of a bronzer… You will be left with a fresh faced iridescent glowy look!

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Kim Kardashian Beauty Blender

So I guess I am kind of obsessed with Kim Kardashian, I can’t help it, everything she has is so cute! A while ago I heard about this sponge make up applicator called the Beauty Blender. It is a tear shaped, hot pink sponge that you get damp to apply liquid foundation with. Apparently Kim Kardashian raves about it being what makes her make up so flawless!

kim kardashian makeup vegas magazine

I had to check it out…my friend works for them so she got me a couple to try out and they are awesome! It definitely makes your make up go on much smoother, leaving you with an airbrushed make up look. People have asked me if I used an airbrush to apply my make up, but all it is, is the Beauty Blender. They are kind of expensive considering it is just a sponge, but it is worth the $20 bucks.

Click to see the video about this OR to order!


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