Need em Now~ Fall & Winter Jackets ♥

I love jackets, they’re so stylish and spice up any plain outfit. I can’t wait for Winter to live in them! Here are some super cute jacket styles to keep your eyes out for when shopping. These are all from Bebe but you of course can find similar ones all over.

bebe jacket

Contrast Classic Bomber Jacket $129.00

This one comes in cream too, so so cute, obsessed!

Billow Pocket Bomber Jacket $139.00

Billow Pocket Bomber Jacket $139.00

Crinkle Zipped Moto Jacket $139.00

Crinkle Zipped Moto Jacket $139.00

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Hair Tool of the Year Award Goes to…

I’ve posted this before, but I am so obsessed I want to post it again, and I am sure most of you missed it because it was when I first started this site… but the Hair Tool EVERYONE needs is:

Denman’s 3-Row Styling Comb

If you are an avid hair ratter like me, you will be obsessed with this comb. My friend Arika introduced me to it, and ever since I can not live without it. It gives you such great volume!

Here is a direct link to purchase one, mine is pink but I can only find blue. Sally’s Beauty carries them in the actual store also if you know where one is. Click the pic to read more and to buy! It works better than any other comb or brush I have used! Have you heard of them? What do you use now? Let me know :)


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Jovan Jane Hair Accesories!

Get excited girls, the cutest new hair accessories have hit the online world. Rhinestones, ribbons & lace… perfect ingredients for the ultimate hair accessory! Every girly girl needs one or two of these super cute headbands by Jovan Jane! jovan headbands

I got mine in the mail last night and couldn’t wait to wear one. I wore mine out in Pacific Beach, and every guy kept asking me if I was a princess, I guess they thought it was a crown?! But yes, guys of PB, I am a princess :P I love how guys see a rhinestone and automatically think “crown”.

Anyway… these bands come in all sorts of styles, on headbands, on ribbon, as clips, and my favorite, on lace. The lace is light weight and stretchy and laid perfectly on my hair with NO fuss at all. The decals on them are super shiny rhinestones, and so cute.

I didn’t want to stress out the people of the low key PB bars so I wore a simple black top and black jeans because my glittery headband was clearly already too much for them to understand. Long story short, these bands spice up any plain outfit and are the perfect accessory!

These bands are already receiving tons of press and have been seen in People & In Style Magazine! Not to mention the creative mind behind this company, Jovan… is awesome, so sweet and her team really is on top of their glam game.

Order yours today, you will be obsessed :) I also had Arika give some to Paris Hilton so keep your eyes peeled for her wearing the same brand, Paris always is wearing glam headbands ;) ParisHeadbandClick below to view her site to see all the different colors and styles!jovan jane headbands

jovan jane headbands

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PINK @ Victoria’s Secret

Are you girls as obsessed with PINK stuff from VS as I am? I seriously want to buy the ENTIRE store and wear everything!!! I neverrrr love an entire store, and I can honestly say I LOVE Victoria’s Secret’s PINK store. I was just on their site and seriously, everything is cute.

Guys, these are GREAT gift ideas for any girly girl :)

Victorias Secret hoodie

Check out their hoodies!

How cute are these? They have COLLEGE hoodies with YOUR own College’s name!

Victoria's Secret College Hoodies

Find your school!

I also love their tops, as Pj’s or just for the gym, super soft!

Victoria's secret tee's

Victoria's secret tee's- Great for the GYM!

Check out the rest of the PINK gear for more great gift ideas or just for yourself :)

PINK by Victoria’s Secret

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Best NEW Lacey Underwear @ VS

I love every single thing in Victoria’s Secret but these underwear are one of my favorite new things they have. Girls, meet Lacie, the new underwear style by VS. They lay flat and don’t show any major lines at alllll which I loveeee. I hate underwear that show lines or bunch up under workout pants or tight bottoms.

Plus they come in the cutest variety of colors. If you want a perfect low rise underwear, this is it!

• One size fits most
• No back coverage
• Can be worn low- or mid-rise
• Imported nylon/spandex

NOTE: No I will not model these so please don’t ask ahhaaskjdhlasdjasd

Victorias secret lacie thong underwear

Click to learn more or buy!

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Do You Guys Use MAC’s Fix Plus?

It really is one of my favorite products. Fix Plus is a water like mist that holds your make up in place. I can’t go a day without it! It is like a hairspray for your face, minus the sticky-ness. It is a refreshing mist that feels just like water!

Description: Vitamins and minerals, is infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

MAC Fix plus

Click for more info

It makes eyeshadow colors brighter too :)

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