Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Last weekend, my baby cousin Austen got married here in San Diego and I wanted to share some pics! I procrastinated finding a dress until the very last minute, however, I found one that I really liked from Express the night before. The only problem was, the dress was made out of that thin, sheer material, which attracted stains like crazy. I literally spilled all over myself, the entire day, and by the end of the night I was covered in a million spots. First it was a lip gloss smudge, then my Whole Foods smoothie, followed by some spicy cashew seasoning.

I attempted to use some club soda to blot the stains out but, of course, I spilled the whole cup down the front of myself. I basically spent the entire day begging dry cleaners to help me spot treat certain areas and chasing down blow dryers at the front desk, but, other than that, the wedding was very pretty and a great time.

For anyone going to a wedding some time soon, I really loved the dress I wore; Despite easily staining, it was a great last minute purchase. Cute color, great length and a comfortable fit. It is also available in a hot purple, black, white, black & white polka dots, stripes, snakeskin and a teal. To view all of the colors, click here.

express halter slip dress

express halter slip dress

express halter slip dress

austen thomas wedding

 Outfit Details 

Dress- EXPRESS Halter Slip Dress (Wearing a size 2)

Shoes- Lulu*s

Necklace- H&M

Nails- Orly “Beach Cruiser”

Make Up- Smokey Eye with Naked 2 Palette

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Pink Wedding Dresses, Is Pink the New White?

Did you know that wedding dresses were not originally white? For many years, blue was actually considered the purest of all the colors and was favored by ladies walking down the aisle. Things started to change in 1840 when Queen Victoria ditched the traditional blue and decided to wear white instead, leading to a fashion revolution that continues today. After coming across that random fact online I started checking out colored wedding dresses for fun, which lead me to the realization that so many celebs have actually walked down the isle in colored wedding dresses, more specifically pink ones! While I don’t think I would dare to wear pink on my big day it was still fun to check out the pink dresses.

Gwen Stefani was one of the first celebrities to walk down the isle in a pink wedding dress, sporting this one of a kind ombre creation by John Galliano. I don’t know if I would pick this dress, but the hot pink definitely gave her otherwise traditional gown a dash of rock n’ roll when she married Gavin Rossdale in 2002.


Before Gwen walked down the isle in pink, there was of course Sharon Stone who wore this Vera Wang wedding dress. Though Sharon certainly wasn’t the first starlet to ask the designer for a wedding gown, she was the first to don the pink. Vera Wang continues to provide brides with pink creations available at her store, as well as in her White diffusion available at David’s Bridal.

American Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon has always been spot on with her fashion choices, and the wedding dress she chose to wear when marrying Jim Toth was no exception. A pale but evident pink, which added some girly rosiness to her fair features while still giving her a classic look.

reece witherspoon pink wedding dress

Of course, a post on pink wedding dresses just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the extra girly Giambattista Valli gown worn by my fave Jessica Biel when marrying Justin Timberlake. While there were many aspects that were oh-so-right about this garment, we love the fact that the addition of pink was able to add a playfully contemporary look to a voluminous gown that might have otherwise seem prim.

jessica biel pink wedding dress

I feel like it was totally out of character for Jess to wear pink but I love that she took the risk. After all, your wedding day is all about you so I love that these ladies owned it! So, are you a fan of non-white wedding dresses? Let me know in the comment section below!

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What to Wear to Engagement Photos?

Today’s what to wear email is a popular topic that I find myself getting asked quite frequently so I figured what the heck, it’s time to answer it: What to Wear To Engagement Photos!?

Hi Amanda,

I follow your blog and absolutely love your style! :) I am recently engaged and it’s come time for my fiancé and I to do our engagement pictures. I need help figuring out what to wear during our photo session.  I can coordinate what my fiancé wears based off what I decide to wear but I’m having trouble deciding. I definitely want to wear something cute and classy and maybe even do two looks, one casual and one more dressy. I know if anyone can put together an amazing outfit it’s you! Thanks in advance for you help! I really appreciate it! :)



Hi Tara! First off congrats, such an awesome time for you and I can’t wait to see how your photos turn out! When I think about engagement photo attire there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before I can decide what outfit is best for you. Perhaps we start with a few questions and from there we can narrow down your outfit ideas based on your answers?

  1. What is the setting of the photos? Will you be in a park? At the beach? In a studio? Determining the setting is very important when deciding an outfit for obvious reasons; you wouldn’t wear a glamorous over the top dress at the park nor would you wear a casual beach outfit in a fancier setting.
  2. What will the weather be like?
  3. What time of day will the photos be taken? Both the weather and time of day are an important factor as you want your photos to look natural and you also want to feel comfy. You don’t want to be in a sweater at noon in Texas because well, that look just doesn’t make sense.
Tara answered back in email, so now that I have narrowed her setting down, I can now start to think about what style of outfit makes sense for her. Tara’s photos will take place outdoors in a park like setting with lots of trees, bridges, a river, and seasonal flowers between 2-6pm. The weather will be sunny however it could be a bit chilly since it’s Fall, she is guessing it will be around 65 degrees.

After hearing more info, I picture a flirty or romantic, girly dress. Since she will be in a park like setting and since they are romantic photos I personally would go for a very feminine, innocent look: lace, silk, flowy material, soft colors, floral prints, reds, pinks, whites, creams, curly hair etc… here are a few dress ideas that fit the look I am envisioning.

Classy Lass Fuchsia Dress- $42.00

engagement photo outfit ideas

Herbaceous Babe Floral Print Dress- $43.00

engagement photo dress ideas

Rooftop Garden Peach Maxi Dress- $49.00

Rooftop Garden Backless Peach Maxi Dress

Classy Lass Red Dress- $42.00

engagement photo outfit ideas

Afternoon in the Park Chiffon Dress- $41.00

engagement photo outfit dress ideas

That’s a Wrap Neon Yellow Dress- $50.00

engagement photo dress ideas

Hot Off the Precious White Dress- $39.00

engagement photo outfit ideas

Roman Holiday Dress- $100.00

engagement photo dresses

Some other factors to consider before deciding your engagement photo outfits:

  • Heels or flats? How tall is your fiance? I personally wouldn’t want to be much taller than him in photos so I would pick a shoe that compliments his height.
  • Hair and make up? I would want something very glamorous, but that doesn’t scream Vegas nightclub. Careful not to over do it with your lashes and hair extensions, you should look put together but not over the top.
  • Keep it classy- regardless of your personal style lots of people will be seeing these photos. Try to keep cleavage and amounts of skin showing to a minimum.
  • Avoid- things you would normally wear: black, casual clothing, baggy clothing, worn looking items, jeans, dirty shoes etc. This is a special time you want to look and feel nice.
  • Overall the best advice is to wear something you feel great in that makes you feel confident and beautiful! I hope these tips helped a bit for anyone not sure what direction to start when planning their outfit for this special day!


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    Queenstown San Diego Brunch!

    Finally, after working all week and all weekend long, I got to celebrate my 30th, ugh yes 30th… birthday yesterday! I know it was a milestone of a birthday but honestly, all I wanted to do was sit in the sun and drink champagne with my friends so, that’s exactly what I did. I love brunches and after hearing tons of great things about Queenstown in Little Italy, I decided to host my birthday brunch there.

    Queenstown is a great place to have a birthday brunch at because:

    • The actual building looks like an old Victorian cottage which makes for a cute setting.
    • It’s in Little Italy so it’s just a few blocks to the water and if you go on Sunday’s you can hit up the Farmer’s Market after.
    • They serve unique, decorative cocktails. Pineapple orange or blood orange mimosas anyone?
    • They offer traditional breakfast items that are not only delicious but are also prepared in their own unique way.
    • They have both indoor and outdoor seating so depending on your mood you can either stay cool inside or get some sun on their outdoor patio.

    Besides being a little too hot outside, it really was the perfect birthday brunch and I would highly recommend Queenstown to anyone wanting a cute venue to host a brunch at. My only tip would be that if you do want to sit outside, it does get pretty hot out there so dress appropriately.

    To view their food and drink menu click here.

    Queenstown San Diego

    Queenstown San Diego

    Pineapple orange mimosa time.

    Queenstown San Diego

    Queenstown San Diego

    Hello Amanda birthday

    Queenstown San Diego

    Queenstown San Diego

    Queenstown San Diego

    hello amanda jo

    I am wearing sunglasses by Lulu*s, dress by Urban Outfitters, shoes by Aldo and a lipstick I made by mixing a red and hot pink :)

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    Gifts Ideas for a Bachelorette!

    If your calendar has looked anything like mine recently, you’ve been spending all of your weekends at weddings, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. While they’re all fun in their own way, the cost of gifts can start to add up and also get a little predictable after a while. While it’s easiest to choose a gift off the event registry, if I have time I like to get a little creative with my gifts. If you’ve been stuck for a creative gift idea, I wanted to post a few I thought were cute ideas!

    Bachelorette Survival Kit:

    While the norm is to give the bride sexy lingerie, lets be a little more original by giving the bride-to-be a Bachelorette Survival Kit! It could include things like sunscreen, Advil, travel size bath products, a gift card to buy a new bathing suit, or even airplane bottles of her favorite liquor.

    My girlfriend just got married so for her bridal shower I got her a hot pink Essie nail polish called “Bachelorette Bash“, some fake lashes, Advil, pink travel shampoo containers, mini pink champagnes and a bunch of other little goodies. It turned out really cute and was personalized just for her.

    bachelorette gifts

    Cooking Lessons:

    There’s bound to be a lot of cooking in the bride’s future so why not help her gain a little culinary inspiration by getting her cooking lessons? Give her an even better gift by making it a cooking class for two, that way her fiance has no excuse for not cooking dinner. You can always check out sites like Groupon or LivingSocial to find a deal in your area.


    Thank You Notes with Her New Initials:

    Bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings collectively contribute hundreds of gifts to the couple’s new life, but with all these gifts comes the need to thank people. Help the bride out by getting her some classic and beautiful thank you notes with her new last name on it. I love Papyrus, they have tons of cute cards to choose from!

    Framed Invitations:

    I love this idea, I think it’s so cute and genuinely something any girl would love to have! If you’ve been lucky enough to get invited to all of the bride’s events, grab your invites from the wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette party and bridal luncheon and head down to your local craft store and assemble all of the invites into one large frame. Couples spend hundreds of dollars on all of these invites and don’t even get to really enjoy them themselves. This will help them treasure them forever.

    Cute Sweatsuit:

    Each bride needs a comfortable, yet stylish outfit to wear on their wedding day while they’re getting ready. Help her out and find a cute sweatsuit she can wear on her big day. Be sure to get a jacket that zips so that she can take it off without messing up her hair or make up. I love this one by Beach Bunny, super cute!

    Beach bunny bride sweat suit

    Gift Cards to Help with the Wedding:

    Weddings get expensive and sometimes the brides doesn’t need lingerie as much as she needs help with paying for the wedding. Get her a gift card to Etsy or places like Target that can help with decorations, invitations, and some of the less fun items that need to be purchased. Sure it’s not as creative of glamorous but she’ll definitely appreciate it.

    I know giving gifts can leave many with no clue where to start, so I hope these tips helped just a little bit!

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    Cute Easter Egg Decorating Ideas!

    Today while being a total fat pig and Googling around for cute Easter treats, I came across all these really creative Easter egg decorating ideas on a blog called Chic Cheap Nursery! I am in a crafty mood so tonight I will play around with some of these. There are directions on how to make each one, find the # of the egg you like and follow the coordinating link, wah-la.

    I will be back later to share which ones we made, Happy early Easter bunnies.

    Cute easter egg decorating ideas glitter easter eggs

    1. diy – decoupage easter eggs | 2. neon dip-dyed eggs | 3.  silhouette easter eggs | 4. chalkboard paint easter eggs


    5. papier mache easter egg | 6. no-dye polka dot glitter easter eggs | 7. diy heart easter egg | 8. fabric-wrapped eggs


    9. yarn-wrapped easter eggs | 10. crepe paper bunny | 11. hand-painted easter ideas | 12. flower bouquet with eggs

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    What to Wear to Easter Brunch

    Woo hoo, been gone a minute but baby I’m back. I have been travelling a lot with work so I’ve been too tired to update this but I am done travelling for a bit so now, I’m all yours. I’ve been getting a few emails and texts from friends asking what to wear to Easter this Sunday so I wanted to share a few ideas and tips… Most of you will be with family and friends so you want to look nice but of course, not over the top.

    A few things to remember before choosing your outfit for Easter:

    1. Outfit- This is a family event, dress conservative/chic. Kids, aunts, uncles, grandparents… no one wants to see your low cut tops, super short skirts and fake lashes at Easter Brunch. 

    2. Hair- You should look effortlessly pretty. Voluminous, well groomed, but nothing too big or over the top glam.

    3. Make Up- Your make up should be done nicely, but again nothing too bold. If you want a pop of color try a bare eye (Mascara only) with a bold lip (Hot pink, coral etc). Overall think bronzed, pastels, sheers, shimmers etc…

    4. Shoes- Unless you are going to a formal brunch or outing, I would personally wear a cute flat with your outfit. Nothing screams out “I’m trying too hard” more than a 5 inch heel to a casual family lunch. If you are having a nicer meal, at an outside venue, feel free to wear a reasonable heel.

    5. Nails- Right now bright nails are IN! You can’t really go wrong with your polish color right now, it’s Spring and the brighter the better! Hot pink, purple, coral, teal, yellow, orange… all cute options!

    Now that I went over a few tips, here are a few examples of what I would wear to Easter brunch:

    What to wear to Easter Brunch

    Making Maritime Striped Dress- $40.00 Guess Wedge- $54.99

    Naughty Monkey Shoreline Sandal- $65.00 Shop Belina Chain Necklace- $32.00

    What to wear to Easter

    Chevron Print Dress- $41.00 Luichiny Tan Heels- $69.99

    Naughty Monkey Illusion Flats- $70.00

    What to wear to easter brunch 2013

    Spot the Hot Polka Dot Dress $45.00 Jessica Simpson Heels- $89.99

    Naughty Monkey Precious Delight- $30.00

    What to wear to Easter brunch 2013

    Blaque Label Peach Maxi Dress- $135.00 Michael Antonio Heels- $49.99

    Naughty Monkey Expressed Flats- $70.00

    What to wear to easter brunch 2013

    Sundaes Best Peach Dress- $43.00 Holly 41 Mint Pumps- $25.00

    Naughty Monkey Legendary Sandals- $50.00

    And now for a few cute lipstick looks…

    Beyonce hot pink lip

    Emma Stone hot pink lip

    Kim Kardashian pink lip

    I hope my tips helped, wishing everyone a Happy Easter <3

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    Happy New Year!

    I usually do a post on my year in review but honestly, I really just don’t feel like it right now. 2012 was a good year but I am excited and ready for 2013! It is the last year for me in my twenties and I plan on making it the best year yet. To celebrate the new year, last night a few of my girlfriends and I went to the Hard Rock Hotel Downtown. It was a good night but it was soooo beyonddd crowded, I hope that was my last NYE in a club because honestly it’s so chaotic it’s not even fun. I saw 30 fights, got spilled on 10 times and stepped on by 42 stilettos and then ended up walking 1.1 miles from the hotel to my friends house because there was not a single cab free.

    Anyway, those of you that follow me on Facebook probably saw that I posted a picture of Khloe Kardashian last week, she had on this amazingggg D&G shiny tan lace dress on that I wanted so badly to wear on NYE. Because the dress was sold out, and $3,000.00, I was hopeful to find a knock off for a little bit less, and I did!

    Khloe Kardashian D&G Trumpet Sleeve Lace Dress

    I went to three malls and searched in over 30 stores and finally found a dress that was pretty similar for a whole lot less, try $20 bucks haha. I found this dress at The Closet in Fashion Valley mall. It wasn’t as amazing and shiny as Khloe’s but it had the overall look I was going for.

    The dress is backless which I didn’t get any pics of, but it required a backless bra which I got at Nordstrom, it worked pretty well! I paired the dress with some nude pumps, a serious spray tan, bronzing lotions, rhinestone hoop earrings and wavy curls… proof that with a little patience you can recreate most celebrity looks.

    Overall a good night, I hope everyone had a great time as well, Happy 2013!

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