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If you would have asked me five years ago what I wanted to be when I “grow up” I would have told you I wanted to be an attorney. Looking back, I really don’t know why that was my answer, because besides loving a good debate, and having a strong desire to stand up for all things moral, nothing about actually being an attorney was my true passion.

Perhaps it was my parents telling me it was “my” dream after I spent 18 years debating with them. They used to get so sick of dealing with me that they would ultimately surrender, convincing themselves and me, that defense attorney’s would do the same. Everyday as I ate breakfast, my dad would show me some star female attorney in the newspaper, you know, hoping to inspire me to want the same, but, it never really did. I’m not going to lie though, sometimes it sounded fun, wining huge cases, being known for being smart and powerful, all while wearing cute high waisted skirt suits? Sign me up.

So there I was, off to become Elle Woods, spending my college years prepping for a law degree, all while working for the District Attorney’s office, and private attorney’s. While law was very interesting, and it felt great to be so informed on such important things, I knew I was too creative to fully commit to that path.

I wasn’t sure what exactly was next, but, I did know that I loved writing, fitness, being healthy, fashionable, glamorous, and up to date on all of the latest, and greatest gadgets. Whenever I came across something I genuinely enjoyed using, I wanted to be able to share my discoveries with others, so, with a new goal in mind, I quit my job with the attorney, created this website, picked up a job in the fashion industry, several other journalism jobs, and have been living a creative happily ever after ever since.

This site is simply a fun place, like minded people can come to for an honest opinion on all of things I love, hence Hello Amanda. Welcome to my world, here you will find a little bit of everything ♥

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