Mira Fitness Bracelet Update!

Back on track with my fitness goals thanks to my Mira Fitness Bracelet! I posted about this a few months back, but now that I have used it for a few months, I am back with an overall update! If you missed my last blog on this cute new fitness device, head here to read it first!

This super cute bracelet not only tracks your steps, it also monitors the calories burned, the distance traveled and even your elevation changes. This feature was really cool when I recently went to Lake Tahoe, you never realize how often your elevation changes so this device was really cool at measuring that!

After the Mira Bracelet gathers this info, it then takes it and syncs it to your iPhone, allowing you to set personal goals and to keep track of your success! It also does what other trackers do not do, tracking what times of day you have the most energy, or how much time a day you have to be active! If bracelets aren’t your thing, this can also be worn in your pocket or clipped onto your clothing which I thought was a super cool feature.

I really have enjoyed using this bracelet for when I am wanting to closely monitor my fitness goals, it really does motivate you to work harder and push for better results each day! To learn more about these devices, or to shop, head here!

To learn a little more about Mira you can visit their social media accounts here as well:

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