Mira Fitness Bracelet

I’ve always wanted one of those fitness calorie counter thingies, however, the black, large bands I would always see just never did it for me, I wanted something more chic and a bit better fitting on my wrist. Thankfully, I have finally found one that just might do the trick, meet Mira! Mira is a stylish activity tracking bracelet and mobile app, designed to track your fitness journey fashionably!

This super cute bracelet tracks your steps, calories burned, distance traveled and your elevation changes. It takes this info and then syncs it to your iPhone, allowing you to set personal goals and to keep track of your success! It also does what other trackers do not do, tracking what times of day you have the most energy, or how much time a day you have to be active! If bracelets aren’t your thing, this can also be worn in your pocket or clipped onto your clothing which I thought was a super cool feature.

While I haven’t received mine in the mail yet, I just had to share this cool new find, especially because they are having a promotion on them until this Saturday! Take 15% off ALL Mira bands with code: Summer15 at checkout <SHOP>.

To learn a little more about Mira you can visit their social media accounts here as well:

As soon as mine arrives, I will certainly be back with an update on how I liked it! xo

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