Does the Size of Your Ring Matter to You?

I came across an article online the other day that really made me think. The topic at hand was engagement rings and whether or not the size of the ring should matter. Being a very glamourous, girly girl, I, of course, love all things shiny, but when it comes to love, I can’t help but wonder what the two things have in common? A materialistic piece of jewelry and a lifelong commitment?

While both are nice, for me, the most important thing is to find a relationship that is healthy, with two people committed to making it last forever, instead of just finding a ring that will. I find that more girls seem to be concerned with the size and type of wedding ring they get, instead of just being happy that they found true love, after all, what is more valuable than that?


The article that I read also mentioned that the amount of money your husband spent on your engagement ring pretty much dictates the quality of your marriage. At least if you believe a new study that says the more expensive the ring, the more likely you are to divorce. Yikes.

The article continued on to say it’s not the size of the rock that matters but the pressure that lead to problems. Are you the kind of woman who would pressure your guy into buying a huge rock? Is he the kind of man who desperately needs to impress others? Or would you be thrilled with it no matter what size he chose? Did he get you a big ring because he wanted to make you smile?

If you’re the latter two, then rest assured. You’re fine.

If you’re the former two, well, it’s no wonder you’re divorced and will probably end up having to sell your diamond.

I can totally understand why girls love diamonds, don’t get me wrong, just remember what the most important thing is here and hopefully your love can outlast whatever sized diamond that comes your way.

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