15 Things To Do With Coconut Oil

Over the past few months, coconut oil has official replaced almost all of my beauty products. At first I was sort of sad, because I had an attachment to so many of my favorite beauty products, however, using just one product, for so many different purposes, of course saves a ton of time and money!

The best part about using organic coconut oil, instead of other beauty products, is that it is entirely natural, meaning there is nothing in it that is harmful to you which is awesome. Oh and jar of Dr. Bronner’s Organic Coconut Oil only costs $12 which is a steal considering a little goes a long way and you can use it for almost everything! So, to anyone up for a little beauty experimentation, here are a handful of things you can do with coconut oil.

Things To Do With Coconut Oil-

15 Things To Do With Coconut Oil-

  • Whitening Toothpaste- Take equal parts coconut oil and baking soda, and make your very own whitening toothpaste! Add in 20 drops of your favorite essential oil for flavor, I like adding mint!
  • Hydrating Hair Mask- You will want to do this mask right out of the shower, with towel dried hair, while the hair follicle is still open from the hot water. Heat the coconut oil up for 15 seconds and saturate your entire head with the oil. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave this on for 30 minutes up to overnight. Wash it out as you normally would any other day.
  • Make Up Remover- Coconut oil effortlessly removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara.
  • Healthier Eyelashes & Brows- noticeably increases how quickly and evenly I tan, offers protection against burning and makes your tan last much longer. Coconut oil contains vitamins and minerals that stimulate lash and eyebrow growth. Careful not to get any into your eyes though!
  • Burns Fat- Studies have shown women that consume at least two tablespoons a day, for 12 weeks, lowered their abdominal fat. Add this into anything! Coffee, tea, baked goods, veggies, meats and more!
  • Moisturizing for Skin- Coconut oil is loaded with Vitamin E which is super hydrating for your skin. Swap out your face and body lotions for coconut oil, but make sure it’s organic before doing do!
  • Under Eye Cream- I am a huge fan of under eye creams, but, coconut oil has proven to be just as effective as some of my other pricier creams!
  • Use Instead of Butter- I really do not like using butter when I cook, so, I was thrilled to learn that you can easily use coconut oil instead! Say bye to butter when baking and hello to coconut oil.
  • Natural Exfoliate- Add a little sugar, salt or coffee grinds to your coconut oil for an all natural exfoliate for lips, body & face.
  • Shaving Gel- I love using coconut oil instead of a shaving gel, it allows for a much closer shave, and, of course, leaves your legs silky smooth after!
  • Stretch Mark Prevention- To any future Mommy’s, simply rub your belly with coconut oil to prevent stretchmarks that may come with your pregnancy.
  • Lip Balm- Apply coconut oil throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated!
  • Sunless Tanner Protector- If you’re anything like me, you love your spray tans. What I don’t love about them though, is how quickly they fade. It’s a bit of a hassle, however, applying coconut oil before you shower repels the water, meaning a longer lasting tan!
  • Outdoor Tanning- If you do enjoy some fun in the sun, ditch toxic tanning oils and use organic coconut oil instead. Coconut oil noticeably increases how quickly and evenly I tan. It also protects against burning and leaves you with a longer lasting tan.
  • Oil Pulling- Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and place it into your mouth, swooshing it around, in and out of your teeth for about 20 minutes each day. Oil pulling is said to whiten teeth, reduce bacteria, strengthen gums, improve skin, clear sinuses, prevent ​bad breath and even protect against heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

So there you have it, a ton of new ways to use coconut oil for just about anything beauty related, just remember to always buy organic, as you do not want to be soaking your body with modified oils.

Are there any uses I left out that you enjoy? Comment below!

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