Top 6 Favorite Paraben Free Products!

Honestly the natural health & beauty products I use change so frequently because I always want to make sure I’m using the best there is. Finding more natural, paraben free products can be tricky, especially if you want them to actually work. Over the past few months I’ve gone through countless paraben free products and have finally narrowed it down to a few favorites. All of these products listed below are made without parabens and are some of the healthiest options available for both men and women looking for healthier beauty alternatives.

Also if you’re wondering what a paraben is or why I avoid it, here are two articles about why many avoid them here and here.

1. Face Cream- Right now I am using MyChelle’s Supreme Polypeptide Cream which is an amazing lifting, firming, re-contouring and re-texturizing anti aging cream. I wear this both in the AM and PM and find it’s super moisturizing, leaves my skin very soft and sits well under make up which is a big plus for me. I love this brand because you can find it at local health stores like Jimbo’s or Whole Foods and they have endless skin care options to choose from.

2. Face Wash- I am also using MyChelle’s Clear Skin Cleanser which I really love. I’ve been searching high and low for a face wash that actually washes off all my make up and this one does the trick. It smells great, very citrusy and gets my face  super clean in just one wash which believe it or not, has been hard to find. I don’t have acne however, this face wash has great reviews from people that do, claiming this cleared their face right up.

3. Toothpaste- Everyone knows fluoride is bad for your teeth so I’m really loving this more natural, fluoride free, fennel and tea tree oil toothpaste by Desert Essence. This one is gluten free but does contain carrageenan which I prefer to avoid however, since you’re not swallowing it I use it anyways.

4. Body Wash- I love anything made by Nature’s Gate, they have some amazing products all made without harmful ingredients. I just got this pomegranate sunflower scented wash and am in love! Smells delicious, lathers great and doesn’t dry out your skin, oh and it’s a great price too for such a large bottle too!

5. Body Lotion- This ShiKai Dry Skin lotion has a boring bottle but oh well, I really like the product. It’s a very thick, hydrating cream like lotion with no scent and that doesn’t leave you too sticky afterwards. I really don’t like using lotion at all if it stays wet long and this one doesn’t.

6. Shampoo & Conditioner- For the past 6 months I’ve been using Surface Trinity Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner which I am really happy with. It’s paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, 100% vegan and doesn’t test on animals. It lathers great, smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling clean and shiny. Not in picture I forgot oops.

Best paraben free products

So there you have it… my current health & beauty faves, hopefully you found this info useful and can now pick up a few new safer, paraben free products! Have some products you love? Share them with me in a comment below so I can try them out.

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