Leyla Milani Hair Extensions

Big hair really is the glamour girl’s best friend. Nothing beats a voluminous head of bouncy hair and well, if you’re not blessed with it naturally, hair extensions can be a great option. I say can be, because I do not believe in all hair extension methods, as many can leave you with less hair than you started with. For those of you unsure of what kind of hair extensions you want to get, please refer to my previous blog here on the Pro’s and Con’s of Hair Extensions.

Today I will be talking to you a bit more about clip in hair extensions, these really work best for someone who wants bigger hair but only on occasion. Clip in extensions are great because they will not damage your hair at all, assuming your hair is healthy and not already breaking apart, and they are very easy to put in and out in a short amount of time. I currently use Leyla Milani‘s hair extension line which I love because it comes in the super long 24 inch length that sometimes can be hard to find.

Why I love Milani Hair Extensions:

  • Super long 24 inch options.
  • 17 hair colors to choose from, they will also help match to your hair color if you email them a photo.
  • Easy to put in and very easy to style! The hair holds curl better than previous brands I have used.
  • Her line lets you choose from 20 inches or 24 inches.
  • You can simply un-clip them as soon as you’re done, nice to be able to take out to sleep/shower.
  • 100% premium, Asian Remy hair human hair so you can style them exactly the same as your real hair.
  • They ship internationally and offer a 30 day return policy on unused items that perhaps did not match your hair color.

leyla milani hair extensions

leyla milani hair extensions

leyla milani hair extensions

Shoes are from Lulu*s available here.

What hair I use:
I use the 24 inch, 3 piece set in color 1B however, I did dye these myself to have them match my hair exactly. To read how to dye your hair at home click my previous post on that here. These extensions are very long and should only be used by someone who already has long hair. If your hair is not already long, I would go with the 7 piece 20 inch sets. The 7 pieces will help the extensions blend in better.

Overall this is a great line if you are looking for temporary fuller hair, there is much more to know about this line though, so for all other questions or to view their tutorials, please check out their website here: www.milanihair.com.


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  1. Anonymous at 10:02 pm

    Are those shoes naughty monkey ?

  2. amandajo Author at 10:16 pm

    Shoes are from Lulu*s I posted the link under the picture 🙂

  3. silvia at 3:19 pm

    Hello Amanda,

    Do you still get sewn in hair extensions? do you recommend anyone? Love your hair!

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