Girls Weekend!

Ahhh Monday, why do you always arrive way too early? This weekend I was pretty busy so here I am wishing it was still Saturday. When I look back at what I did, it doesn’t really seem like I did much however, preparation I suppose is what takes up all my time. Friday night I stayed in and played hair dresser with my girl friend… She needed her hair done so I dyed it for her, turned out amazing might I add. Then on Saturday I spent the day prepping for, and attending, one of my best friend’s baptism. I had never been to a baptism previously so it was really awesome to be a part of such a special day for such a special person.

I finally got to wear my super cute coral, Summery dress by Lulu*s, since the event was held on the beach it was perfect. I paired the dress with my go to gold Shoreline flat by Naughty Monkey, they really are so sparkly in the sunlight and not to mention so comfy.

Naughty Monkey Shoreline sandal


Naughty Monkey Shoreline sandal

Dress– LuLu*s
Shoes– Naughty Monkey
Bag– LuLu*s
Sunglasses– Dita
Nail Polish– Gel II in Paris Pink color

After the baptism, we all went out to dinner to celebrate and then afterwards I met up with some of my other girl friends for a slumber party at The Solamar Hotel Downtown. We had planned for a pool day Sunday but of course the one time I am off, and by a nice pool, it was a cloudy mess out.

It actually worked out for the best because I felt like a huge pig Sunday so I spent most the day working out/ wondering why I am not a 00 since I barely eat M-F. I have yet to discover the answer to that. Overall a super fun weekend, I love having quality time with my friends, living so far away from everyone it gets hard seeing each other so it’s nice to catch up when we can.

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