Two iPhone Apps to Buy Better Foods!

When I get into things, I get into things, and lately I have become obsessed with discovering more about GMO’s (See previous post). Now that I have told you how terrible GMOs are we can all join together and try to make better decisions for ourselves and our families and one of the easiest ways to do this is through our best friend: the iPhone. There are several apps that make grocery shopping a breeze, with one simple scan of a label, all the information you need to know about certain foods comes right up. It’s pretty amazing actually.

The first app I discovered and posted about was the Buycott app. Basically you scan any food item, and any company that donated OVER $150,000.00 to keep GMO labeling off our food (Prop 37) comes up as a BOYCOTT. This is a great tool as I do not ever want to support a company that pays that much money to feed me poison and on top of that, wants to hide it. You can scan all foods and even beauty products! My Garnier face wipes came up as boycott, so sad but who wants poisons on their face? Very informative app.


buycott iphone app anti GMO food ap


The second app I discovered is called Fooducate and I am beyond obsessed with this one too! Fooducate not only is a fitness/calorie tracker, it also analyzes the information found in each product’s nutrition panel and ingredient list, allowing you to see the stuff manufacturers don’t want you to see! That granola bar you’re eating for breakfast? Give it a little scan and learn exactly what you’re eating! It will give the food item a grade, based on health and ingredients, and then tell you all about it: non GMO, certified organic vs. just labeled “organic” and then it keeps track of all you eat for the day based on a calorie #  you set it. Awesome app.


Fooducate iphone app


You have to play around with both to appreciate/understand them but for FREE both are a MUST dl! Amazzzing tools to fight back against harmful foods. It’s also really fun to scan your entire house and things at the store, every time one of my foods comes up as an A I get really excited! Anyway, I hope you will check them out and share this post with your family and friends.


Check out the Fooducate website here!
Check out the Buycott website here!
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