Cute Easter Egg Decorating Ideas!

Today while being a total fat pig and Googling around for cute Easter treats, I came across all these really creative Easter egg decorating ideas on a blog called Chic Cheap Nursery! I am in a crafty mood so tonight I will play around with some of these. There are directions on how to make each one, find the # of the egg you like and follow the coordinating link, wah-la.

I will be back later to share which ones we made, Happy early Easter bunnies.

Cute easter egg decorating ideas glitter easter eggs

1. diy – decoupage easter eggs | 2. neon dip-dyed eggs | 3.  silhouette easter eggs | 4. chalkboard paint easter eggs


5. papier mache easter egg | 6. no-dye polka dot glitter easter eggs | 7. diy heart easter egg | 8. fabric-wrapped eggs


9. yarn-wrapped easter eggs | 10. crepe paper bunny | 11. hand-painted easter ideas | 12. flower bouquet with eggs

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