Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre-workout Drink Review

When it comes to pre- workout drinks, I know there are mixed opinions on them… Many people are very against them and to be honest, I wish I had natural energy and didn’t need to use them. I get enough sleep, I eat very healthy, but after an 8 hour work day getting my butt in the gym is near impossible. I make the effort and show up, but getting in an effective workout is rough. I feel tired, grumpy and the last place on Earth I want to be is at the gym. I tried changing my diet, have drank endless coffee’s before, sip an energy drink every now and then and nothing- ever -works. I end up working out for about 45 min and leave annoyed I ever went.

I decided that I had enough of the constant laziness and wanted to try out a pre-workout drink. I went to GNC and asked them what drink was good for energy, but that wasn’t too bad for you. He recommended C4 by Cellecor which is a powdered drink you mix with water before working out. I noticed that they had tons of yummy flavors so I decided to try it out. I got the watermelon and pineapple and was ready to give it a try.

So how did I like it?

Well, let me just tell you, IT WORKS and is so, so delicious! I have tried other drinks, but they didn’t taste that great and never really gave me a big enough boost. For the first time in years I had the most productive workout ever, I mean ever! I ran on the treadmill, did 45 minutes of lower body workouts and even finished with more cardio. I feel like I had so much energy and it wasn’t a bad kind. No shakes, just full of energy and wanting to workout.

Even after the gym I went home and cleaned my entire room, it made me so productive. In case you are wondering the ingredients, you can read them here. My sister is a nurse and she looked over them and didn’t think anything was too bad but it’s definitely not something to use everyday. You also have to be careful not to take it with more caffeine or alcohol.

Cardio is the hardest part for me, I get very bored, but this helps you power through it no problem. It also helps you go that extra mile with weights, you feel so much stronger and are able to lift longer, I love it. To be sure this one was my favorite, I also got samples of some similar drinks, two of the three I tried did nothing at all, Cellucor was the only one to get me moving.

C4 Extreme Pre-workout Drink by Cellucor $39.99

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2 weeks of using Cellucor to get through more cardio, abs are coming!

Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre-workout Drink Review

My tips for taking C4 Extreme:

* Take with a small meal, a large meal made the drink to be less effective for me. I eat a small snack 30 minutes before.

* Take 1.5 scoops first to see how you react. 1 scoop wasn’t enough, I use 2 scoops now.

* It will make your skin tingle a bit but nothing scary and it goes away after 45 minutes.

* Try not to take it every single day, more so when you are very tired and need a boost.

* Flavor wise watermelon is my favorite, it tastes like a refreshing Slurpee. Pineapple is equally as good but I love watermelon more.

* Drink lots and lots of water after taking it.

* Do not take it super late if you want to sleep early. Lasts about 4-5 hours.

Overall Cellucor C4 Extreme is an amazing drink to use before working out if you are desperately seeking an extra boost! I know a few people who also take it and swear by it, you will notice a huge difference in your workout! Hope these tips helped, happy working out!

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  1. Samya at 10:29 pm

    What does your work out routine consist of? I’m considering using cellucor but would love to know what you do specifically to get optimal results

  2. amandajo Author at 9:15 am

    I do everything… cardio= running, eliptical, stairmaster, rotating stairs, tall bike. Weights I do everything also including: squats, lunges, ab workouts etc… Cellucor helps tons with cardio, makes it fly by and also helps with lifting!

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