Spring Style: Side Parts

Currently loving: Side Parts.

Too bad I can’t wear them because I’m on a never ending quest to grow out my annoying bangs, but for those of you that don’t have bangs, this is a simple style anyone can pull off and a super fun way to mix up your hairstyle. I am sorry I always use the Kardashians pics but they always have cute style.

TIPS to perfecting the sidepart:

1. I love the side part even more though when it’s voluminous. Be sure to add some Big & SEXY Root Boost to your wet hair before trying out this style!

2. You can part the side part as deep or shallow as you like. Kourtney & Kim have their side part very deep here, I love it!

3. You can also part the hair straight down or a tad messier with no defined part.

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