The Hair Donut/ Sock Bun

Apparently I’ve been living under a giant rock because I am just now learning about the hair donut and sock bun? I always wondered how celebrities got these giant, full, perfect looking buns and now it all makes sense, the hair donut! If you don’t want to buy the actual hair donut product, you can make your own with a sock. You simply cut the toe off, roll the sock up and bam, you’ve just made your very own sock donut.

Both methods are super easy to use, you basically take this foam donut thing and put your entire pony tail through it. You then bobby pin sections of hair around the donut to form a smooth, flawless bun. The video below will explain everything you need to know about the hair donut. What’s cool about this style is that you can play around with it, mess it up, smooth it down etc…

Has anyone used this yet? I can’t wait to try this out!

Hair Donut– $7.00

Available in blonde, brown and black.

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  1. Bea at 10:05 am

    You arent the only one living under a rock. I just found out about these donuts yesterday. I dont know how i never figured it out but i too always wondered about big round hair buns. Did sock trick last night to wear around house and its super cute and stayed up all night!

  2. Sochima Ekemezie at 7:17 pm

    my friends have been doing this since the 6th grade and we are sophomores in college now.

  3. Natalia at 11:23 pm

    This hairstyle is great. I too have known about this trick since the 90’s lol. I find it easier to bring the hair through and start at the end of the high ponytail and rolling the donut/sock outward from underneath. The hair will wrap itself around the donut or sock and make for a much fuller bun plus I don’t use as many bobby pins and no need to wrap the hair around the bun at the end.

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