How to Wear a Waist Belt

Everyone knows waist belts are no new trend, but one things many girls don’t know, is how to wear a waist belt correctly. The biggest problem I think girl’s encounter when attempting this trend is not knowing where to place the belt. Waist belts are mostly worn at the smallest part of your waist, but some outfits allow the belt to move a bit lower. An important part of this all, is to keep in mind: To wear anything high waisted it helps to already have some what of a waist and butt, but even if you don’t, there are still ways to pull off this look.

Here are some tips and things to try/ avoid when bucking up:

1. Select an outfit that allows a waist belt.

2. If you are going for the high waisted look: Find the smallest part of your waist and plan the outfit around that point. Skirts, pants, shorts, whatever you decide to wear, should come up to this point perfectly. The belt should fit perfectly over where the two items meet. If it is a dress, disregard this step. As you can see below, both girls’ pants hit at the right point and a belt is used to blend the two pieces together.

3. When you have a super flowy dress, and your body seems to get lost in the dress, a waist belt is the perfect solution. It creates a waist for you and gives your outfit extra personality.

4. Sometimes certain materials don’t allow for you to wear the belt as high as you normally would, (leave you with a lumpy look) so it’s ok to lower the belt a tiny bit to make the outfit flow better. You can see Kim is wearing the belt more towards her hips. Careful though, any lower and it could ruin the look.

4. When your dress is bland on it’s own, waist belts are a great way to spice things up! Kim would have looked pretty simple before adding the belt. I love the belt with this dress, it gives it much more of a “complete”, planned look, and also breaks things up.

5. Waist belts are also super cute over a flowy top that otherwise would leave you waist-less. Again place the belt at the smallest part of your body where it sits comfortably. This gold belt totally brought her outfit to life and is one of the reasons I love her style so much, her outfits always look simple but again “complete”.

And now for the things to avoid…

6. A big waist belt no, no is when your body type just doesn’t work with the look. Everyone remembers the Jessica Simpson mishap the mom jeans and too thick leopard waist belt? Well, the problem with this look is she is bigger up top than she is on the bottom, which for a high waisted look it should be the opposite. (Smaller waist, bigger hips is ideal) The point of high waisted pieces is to make your waist appear smaller so if you don’t have much of a waist to begin with, or are top heavy with a smaller bottom, the look just doesn’t flow as well.

7. This look also doesn’t always work well for people who have short torso’s. Spacing is crucial when attempting to pull off this look so, if you have a smaller torso, beware… this look could leave you looking frumpy.

Overall this look is fairly simple to pull of if you are wearing the right clothing items and placing the belt in the right area. I hope my tips helped a bit and left you feeling a bit more confident when wearing a waist belt! Specific outfit questions? Email me!


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