Girly NFL Gear by Jovan Jane

Everyone knows I love football, it’s pretty much the only sport I will watch (Ok and soccer too… Ok and maybeee baseball and basketball, but only for a little bit).  Living in San Diego, my team is of course the never so reliable San Diego Chargers. I’m not sure why I’m still a fan considering every year they fail us in the Playoffs, but just like a bad ex boyfriend, I always seem to go back for more thinking this year, maybe it’ll be different. Anyway, I am back! Ready for another season and what better way to prep than to deck myself out in some fabulous, rhinestone, color coordinated Charger gear?

How cute are these Jovan Jane NFL accessories! I want them allllllll. And the best part is?

You can order any colors you want to match your favorite NFL or sports team!

Jovan Jane now makes:

Football rhinestoned headbands– you choose the braided colors $27.00

Football beanies– $36.00

Earwarmers $36.00

Floral Headband– you choose the braided colors $30.00

Fedoras– you choose the ribbon colors $45.00

Overall such a fun thing for the ultimate girly sports fan and they make great gift items as well! As always, HelloAmanda readers get 20% off which makes these even more amazing. I just got the Football headband & the flower one, can’t wait!

Coupon Code: HelloAmanda

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