Lil Kim Releases Black Friday

When I first saw Lil Kim’s album cover I knew it looked familiar. It took me a few seconds but then I realized it was obviously a wayyyyy scarier version of Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday” album. I understand the whole female rapper rivalry thing these two have going on, however Lil Kim’s album cover is weird and immature.

Nicki’s head chopped off her body? Yuck. I don’t find humor in someone stooping that low to make someone else look bad. Those are called haters I believe, the girls who turn sooo ugly and mean because of their jealousy with other girls. Girls love to say they’re not jealous, but when you become so hateful and worked up by another female? What else is it? If you were so above them, they would not piss you off. So what, they both rap, let fans decide who’s best based off original content, not jabs at one another?

The best part of the entire jab at Minaj, is that Lil Kim claims to have made $1 million dollars over night by selling this mixtape on Before you believe she won her crown back over night, lets explore this statement further 😉

Rapper Lil Kim, 35, took to her Twitter page the other night to say:

Black Friday, was a mixtape that she posted on PayPal yesterday for $10 a download. Yeahhh that’s right, do the math… over a million bucks earned claims Kimmy, but how do we know she’s even telling the truth? Anyone can lie and say those types of things to try and save face, but how much truth is behind her bold statement? Lil Kim’s ego is clearly bruised and she just looks sillier doing all this. A few other websites agree that Kim could be bluffing…

“Hard to believe in one day Kimmy moved 113,000 mixtapes,” wrote Elliot Wilson on his blog,“Six years ago it took a week for her last album, The Naked Truth to sell 109,000 copies.”

Elliott also pointed out that fans who paid the $10 couldn’t even download the mixtape anyway? The actual mixtape will be mailed to them at a later date? Lame! What is also funny is someone ripped open’s policy on the amount of money you’re allowed to gather in one day, and it showed that you can’t even rack up $1 million in a day! Ohhh Kimmy… why lie?

“For people not familiar with paypal. New business users can make up to at least 3K first day without the account being suspended.. Anything over.. [3K] paypal will suspend your account for suspicion of fraud.”

So… the consensus is? Lil Kim is a-lyinnnnn. It’s not possible to earn over $1 million in less than 28 hours like she says she did, at least not on PayPal.

I hate liars so I suppose this confirms my side, Team Nicki!

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