Iphone 5G To Be Released In June?

I want to throw my Iphone 3G off cliff, it’s acting up sooo much lately. Anyone else having problems recently? I swear Apple is behind my malfunctioning POS phone because everyone I know that has the 3G is complaining of the same problems. Mine froze up super bad tonight, I couldn’t even slide it open to answer calls or texts. And after an entire restore it’s stillll broken. Great. Perf. Swell.

I went Googling around to see how to fix this mess, but got distracted when learning about the new Iphone 5G that is set to be released in June/July! Of course, just as I was about to go get the 4G tomorrow ūüôĀ I am not sure if I should wait for the 5? Or settle for the 4? Lets break it down and see exactly what the Iphone 5 has to offer…

♥ New antenna- Eh is the old 4G one that bad?

‚ô•¬†Larger screen: 3.7″ instead of 3.5″. – Big woop .2 increase?

♥ NFC (mobile wallet) technology- iPhone 5 could act as a credit card, kinda cool but kinda scary too.

‚ô• Improved A4 processor- huh.

‚ô•¬†8MP¬†camera- Niceeeee ūüėČ

♥ 4G network support

♥ Smudge free screen- Make up smudge free too?

♥ Face Recognition- huh.

♥ Video Chat on 3G and 4G instead of WiFi only- Fun.

♥ OLED Screen

♥ Wireless Sync with Apple iTunes

♥ HD Audio

♥ Sleeker than 3Gs, with shiny  back piece- Glass? Sounds breakable.

♥ In-built GPS

‚ô• Enhanced battery life. Up to 14 hours of talk time on 3G and 7 hours on 4G- Nice.

♥ Scratch-proof and shock-proof- Nice.

‚ô• Increased¬†memory. Up to 64 GB- Eh don’t need that much memory! 8GB was plenty for me.

It’s also rumored that the Iphone 5 will come without the Home button which will allow the screen to be bigger. My final verdict? Well, considering my 3G is dead, I think I am going to go for the 4G. I don’t really like the shape of the 4G, however I certainly can’t go without a phone for another minute! Plus, in that entire list of features, there are only really a few I care about, nothing that the Iphone 4 doesn’t already have.

What are your thoughts? Anyone else hear anything about the Iphone 5?

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