Sick of Your Manicure Chipping?

A lot of people email me asking how my nails always stay shiny and chip free, and the secret is that I put a thin layer of acrylic over my real nails. A lot of the celebrities do this as well in case you’ve been wondering how their manicures always look smooth and amazing.

For my nails, I keep the original length and then coat my real nail with a thin layer of acrylic, key word THIN. I make them buff it down very, very thin, so thin they yell at me every time “TOO THIN GON CHIP!”… shhh keeeep going.

The acrylic gives your nail polish a stronger base to hold onto, and a smoother nail surface so your nail polish doesn’t chip! If you really want to ensure they look flawless, after that you can even add a gel polish on top of the acrylic which is what I do now.

So there you have it, acrylic + gel polish = nail perfection. It’s a lot of maintenance yes, but nails are my thing so for me it’s worth it.

chip free manicure

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  1. Lauren at 3:58 pm

    My nails always chip, but I hate the thick, claw-like feel of full on acrylic nails. Thanks for posting this!

    P.S. Love reading your blog. Weirdly my boyfriend (Cameron) introduced me to it.. I think you guys went to college together?

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