Moroccanoil Review- Your Shiniest Hair Ever!

Everyone knows I loveeee the rain but unfortunately, with rain comes very bad hair days. I have found my hair to be a bit on the unruly side lately, and was in desperate need of an entire new hair care line. My old shampoo was also drying out my hair, fading my color, and not leaving my hair shiny enough. I have good hair even with bad products, so go ahead and call me greedy, but I wanted it better. I mentioned my problems to a few friends and word around the glamour girl town was that there is an amazinggg hair line out there called Moroccanoil, and that if I wanted super shiny, healthy hair, I had to try it out. I remember seeing this line in almost every magazine so off to Google I went to learn more, and here’s what I found out:

Moroccanoil has quickly become one of the best-selling hair care lines in the world. It’s been featured on Kathy Lee & Hoda, and is one of InStyle Magazine’s 2010 Best Beauty Buys. From the mega-successful ORIGINAL Moroccan Oil Treatment to the Morroccanoil ShampooMoroccanoil Conditioner. This full line of products has girls, and the press going gaga. Moroccanoil products are designed to: • Restore elasticity • Infuse hair with shine and • Protect from environmental factors. Perfect just what I need. Adddddd to cart.

Besides the magazines telling me about their products, my girlfriends also told me that their hair serum was by far the best serum around when it comes to smoothing out those unruly hairs. After trying the line, I can confirm that they are right! Moroccanoil hair products are magic! I combined the MOROCCANOIL® SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & OIL and as a result have the shiniest, healthiest hair ever. The other day I was even stopped at a deli, a guy asked me if I was a Pantene Pro V hair model ahahah I said um no and quickly scurried off. Point is, these products are amazing 🙂

Shine was NOT photo-shopped, 100% how it was pictured.

Here are the products I personally tried and LOVED/LOVE:

Featured as one of 2010’s Best Beauty Buys in 2010 in InStyle Magazine, the ORIGINAL Moroccanoil Treatment deserves its place in beauty industry history. Many beauty insiders have told us that they’ve never seen anything like the success this product has enjoyed. ORIGINAL Moroccanoil Treatment is perfect for before or after blow drying. I prefer using it before if I only blow dry my hair. If I plan on curling my hair I use the oil after to smooth the curls out, it keeps my curls smooth and shiny all day. While it is $41.00 it is well worth the purchase since the bottle is HUGE and you only need a teeny tiny amount to go a long way. I mean it, only use a SMALL amount, too much will grease your hair as any oil does.

The shampoo smells soooooo good and it has such a good lather. I dislike shampoos that make you work for a good lather. It’s creamy and pearly too which is always a plus for me 🙂 Good consistency and doesn’t fade your color.

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner detangles and reconstructs while infusing hair with argan oil, keratin, fatty acids, proteins, and other nutrients. The formula is sulfate-FREE, phosphate-FREE, and paraben-FREE, and is safe to use with color-treated hair. It will help restore moisture, repair damage, and condition your hair back to health. Unlike most other watery conditioners, I actually feel this conditioner working and see results after styling. It’s a great thickness and hydrates my hair thoroughly.

Overall these Moroccanoil products are amazing. I really can tell a difference in the way my hair styles and feels. It smells yummier, looks shinier and leaves me ready to whip my new shiny hair back and forth. So, looking for a new hair care line, I would definitely try Moroccanoil products, one of the few products I can honestly say I LOVE! Plus, they never test on animals and used recycled materials whenever possible. Moroccanoil products also make a perfect stocking stuffer or present for the Alpha female in your life.

They have tonssss of other products to fit any hair crisis you may have. Leave in conditioners, hair sprays, scalp treatments etc… To view their website and full product line visit their site here.

They do not have the products for sale on their site however they do have a salon locator which shows all salons in your area that DO carry them! Click here for the locator.

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There are 6 comments for this article
  1. Abby at 3:12 pm

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking for a new hair care line! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks Amanda!!! 😀

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  3. Carrie at 2:07 pm

    If you love Morroccanoil products, you’ll love pure argan oil more. Moroccan oil works to give shine because of teh silcones in it, and the argan oil, yet only has 5% argan oil, and the rest is chemical rubbish and colourings. Lots of people have found that while it works ‘mirracles’ on their hair, they get break outs of spots from all the colourings and junk this product is bulked out with.
    PURE argan oil is more effective, doesn’t casue spots, and is cheaper. You can buy it from all sorts of brands, and you’ll find it’s no where near as astronomical as this over priced Moroccanoil.
    Try the real thing, bet you love it! And if you still want the silicones? Buy a hair serum, a way way WAY cheaper and purer way to get them than this stuff 🙂

  4. 809CharlieTango at 1:10 pm

    I like your hair in this picture. I have been wondering… is there anything like this that can make a guys hair just as shiny and slick? My hair is kind of coarse and poofy. I have to gel it up and hate the fact that has to become this awesome crust. So what I do is that I have to cut it short, which I like but still sticks up, but I also would like to make it just as shiny as yours. Although, I am not so sure if there is any hair product for lets say… “straight” men?

  5. amandajo Author at 4:57 pm

    Why cant you use moroccanoil too? its just an oil 🙂 try it out!

  6. 809CharlieTango at 7:36 pm

    I simply thought that I wouldn’t be able to try moroccanoil as well because I read that your hair smelled very nice afterwards. Leading me to believe that it will have a girly smell. =)

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