What To Wear To… A Lady Gaga Concert?

I get so many emails asking me what to wear to certain events that I decided I’m going to start making a new section… W2W2… What to wear to: and then you can fill in the blank. Usually I reply personally to emails, but why not make posts about them for everyone to read?

Anyway, to email me a W2W2 question please email me: amandajo@helloamanda.com I’ll do my best to post something helpful.

The first W2W2 email:

Hi Amanda,

I love your website and your fashion sense, so I’m hoping you can help me!  On August 13th, I am going to the Lady Gaga concert here at the MGM in Las Vegas, where I live.  I am super excited but have no idea what to wear.  I am just a normal girl, I don’t want to wear anything too crazy, but it is Gaga!  Do you have any ideas?  I am desperate!  I am going with my boyfriend and he is going to wear a dark shirt, black blazer, and dark jeans if that helps. Thanks a million! :):)

W2W2 response: Ok so after reading this email I instantly pictured a super tight high waisted leathery skirt and some killer spike heels or ankle booties. Or possibly a skin tight mini dress. Either way your only option is for something that shows some skin and that is tight. I personally wouldn’t take it too Gaga crazy but that’s just my style. It could be fun to really max out the Gaga style for her show. Here are a few key pieces that I think would make the perfect Gaga concert outfit, combine as you wish!

Dress options: Something tight, must be tightttttt. Something with pouffy costume-y shoulders or details, something mesh or see through, stripes, abstract designs, bright colors…

Blush with Adventure Dress $68.00

Appeal to the Ref Dress $26.00

Dance Remix Dress in Black $38.00

Boogie Nights Dress $34.00

Drawing Room Lace Dress $35.00

Leather Bustier Dress $169.00

Skirt options: Latex, leather or lace. Again… TIGHT!

Ponti Panel Skirt $79.00

Striped Zip Gathered Skirt $79.00

Pant options if you must: SKINNY something or leggings. Only option for Gaga.

Queen Taia Mesh Leggings $25.00

Nice Going, Slick Leggings $20.00

Ramones Skinny Black Racing Pants by See Thru Soul $59.00

Shoe options: Something with an extra flare. Zippers, spikes, unique heels, boots… the higher the better!

Mixx Laura 08x Black Suede Studded Pradaesque Heel $39.00

Dollhouse Dolie Black Turtleneck Collar Ankle Wrap Heel $56.00

Bamboo Colada 01 Red Faux Suede Go GaGa Platform Pump $31.00

Anne Michelle Savior 58 Gray Shoe Jewel Bootie $49.00

Speed Limit 98 Fame Black Triple Zipper High Heel Bootie $34.00

Bamboo Recap 01 Taupe Faux Suede Platform Wedge $32.00

Anne Michelle Essence 42 Black Peep Toe Bow Bootie $33.00

Accessories– Anything fun and funky! Big bows, spike jewelry, cuffs, sunglasses, red lips, fake lashes, pointy nails…

County Fair Headband $12.00

That’s more than enough to get your creative juices flowin’. I’m obsessed with the spike heels just for going out around town, perfect for a Gaga concert! I remember my first Gaga concert at House of Blues a year ago, crappy small stage, crazy to see how much she’s grown, I bet the Vegas show will be amazzzzing. Send pics of your outfit!

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  1. Vanessa at 10:00 am

    would a zebra print skirt and some neon sneakers be alright for a gaga concert too???

  2. Denise Lee at 2:04 am

    Wow! You actually choose the Drawing Room Lace Dress from “LuLu’s” website. I was surprised when I recognized the model from that retailer. It’s cool because I am from Chico, CA where this business is from and happen to be friends with the owner and her husband(which owns “Trucker Deluxe” for guys), awesome friends. She the owner has great purchasing taste and does very well at suppling all the local college girls and online buyers with the most current styles and affordable prices. I will definitely shoot her an email and let her know she has been represented on your website. :))

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