The Sanctuary Hotel on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for a new vacation getaway on the West Coast? I just returned from exploring Phoenix, Arizona and actually had a blast. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the city, but there surprisingly was tons to do. I posted last week about our hiking adventures on Camelback Mountain, and now wanted to share a little hotel tip with you all in case you are in the area looking for an awesome place to stay.

We stayed at a hotel called The Sanctuary, and if you were ever a Britney Spears stalker like I once was, this hotel would ring a bell, as this is one of Britney’s favorite stops in Arizona. Back in 2006 when she had her meltdown, Britney came here to hideout for a while to just relax. The Sanctuary Hotel seems to be quite the celebrity hideaway, other A-listers recently spotted were Jennifer Aniston as well as Vince Vaughn.

As for the hotel itself, its amazingggg. What is unique about the place is that each hotel room is it’s own mini townhouse sorta deal. Each “room” or mini house as I would like to call it, has it’s own easily identifiable cool name too. Think of it as it’s address I suppose. We stayed in Pearl 🙂

The rooms have a layout similar to a house… A living room with a cozy fireplace and mini kitchenette area (Fully stocked with Goose & Veuve), a big master bedroom, a hugeeeee bathroom (tons of getting ready space/room to make a mess), and the best part, an outdoor patio fully equip with an outdoor TUB! Was so fun to take a bath before bed under the stars. They also leave out bath salts and candles, ahhh it was great.

My pink toes splashing around the tub

One of the days we decided to hit up the Sanctuary’s pool. Loved the pool. The pool itself is a giant infinity pool, surrounded by palm trees. They have about 50 pool chairs, with cute little white and green striped towels folded, waiting patiently to be used. They greet you with ice water and drink menus, let the fun begin!

Since it was pretty hot out, we decided to be diva’s and get a cabana. It was only $100 bucks for the day, why not right? That included a fresh fruit plate, 4 drinks, 2 big fiji waters and of course your very own cute little cabana with two couch lounge chairs. We hide out sipping strawberry pina coladas the entire day 🙂

Overall an awesome hotel. They have pretty much anything you could want or need but then again it was pretty pricey sooo I suppose the hotel needed to be as cool as it was… Lap pools, tennis courts, spas, restaurants… you name it they have it. My only ONE criticism was their room service. The girl on the phone was scary and mean and the food sucked. I got honey oat cereal and pineapple like 8 times because it was the only reliable thing. Oh and I think the rooms could be haunted because I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like someone was watching meeee, it was creepy. I also felt a shove in my sleep and lets just say, there was no one around me awake. It creeped me out the entire nighttttt :/

For more info about the hotel, check out their website!

Oh and if you venture out this way, make sure you hike to the top of Camelback Mountain! Only a few blocks West of the hotel and a great way to mix up your workouts! View my pics here!

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    This place sounds AWESOME! I’d love to check it out

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