I Made it to the TOP of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ!

I decided I need to kick my fitness up a notch, and what better way to mix it up than to go for a nice hike?! While visiting Phoenix, AZ last weekend my friends and I decided to do just that by hiking to the top of Camelback mountain. I figured eh, a 2 mile hike? Nice and easy… or so I thought. Things started off smooth, here I am barely sweating…

But shortly after this pic, things got a bit crazy. This was notttt just hiking, more so rock climbing. Sure you hike most of the way, but what everyone forgot to mention was that you’re hiking straight up actual rocks. And not just small rocks, HUGE rocks. At some points the mountain is sooo steep they had to install poles to help you up.

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, the hike wasn’t too bad, maybe it was just not what I pictured? But the fact that people get stuck up at the top once a week is kind of scary. I guess people are just scared to go back down because going up is so intense. While we were up there, we saw the police helicopter fly by, checking for people who needed help. It definitely isn’t a hike for beginners so make sure you’re ready for the climb.

The hike itself is only 2.2 miles, 1.1 up and 1.1 down, however it leaves you tired with a good workout put in, and the view is of course amazing. You can see all of downtown Phoenix, as well as a pretty sunset if you time it right. Plus, it’s great for your butt since you are pretty much lunging up the entire way 😉

So, next time you’re randomly in the Phoenix, Arizona area, check out Camelback mountain! Camelback Mountain offers four different trails with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to strenuous, you can bite off as much as you choose. We did Echo which was considered “Strenuous”, but like I said it was a good workout, but not too bad. I made it to the top in once piece, that’s all that matters 🙂

For directions and more info visit the Camelback site! Also, for more pics add me on Facebook!

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  2. John Hill at 8:12 am

    Just read your posts on Sanctuary Resort on Camelback and the Hike on Camelback. Glad to hear that you thoroughly enjoyed your stay in the Valley of the Sun. Those are only two of the reasons that I call Arcadia, my neighborhood in the Valley, my home. Love it!

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