Hello Kitty Champagne? My Dream Come True

Are you kidding? Hello Kitty Wine & Champagne? Cutest idea everrrr and I am pissed that I didn’t think of it myself to be quite honest, obsessed! I think all the clubs should carry this champagne, I would surely buy it errrrtime. I got a chance to try it out, and not only is the bottle the cutest thing ever, ever, ever, the perfect gift for all your Hello Kitty loving girls, but the champagne is pretty tasty as well!

The bottle is so pretty, really. (Not the one above) I opened it and had the hugest smile. In person it is so shiny, with the prettiest, pearly pink label, sort of Dom Perignon-esq… and around the neck of the bottle is a detachable Hello Kitty charm you can keep and use! Once you pop it open you are greeted by a delicious dark pink Brut Rose that has a hint of berry flavor. YUM. If you know anyone over 21 that is a Hello Kitty fanatic, like I am, you have to get this for them. Every girl I show diessss for it.

I found it for SALE online, visit www.winefromtheboot.com to order any of the 4 wines!

Created by an Italian outfit, four varieties of HK wine are available in the US during next few months and are even for sale now if you click here. The wines & champagnes are super affordable too, ranging anywhere from $19.99 to $29.99, the 4 types are:

  • Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rosé: “Has a frothy mousse as well as a pretty nose of rose petal and red currant scents,” says HelloKittyWine.com.
  • Hello Kitty Sparkling “Sweet Pink”: “Sports a pale pink hue and has very delicate bubbles.”
  • Hello Kitty Angel White: “A fresh, very “blanc” white wine.”
  • Hello Kitty Devil Red: “A classically rendered Pinot Noir that presents a seductive bouquet of wild flowers and forest aromas.”

YUM yum, I will take 5 bottles of the Sparkling Brut Rose & 5 more of the Sweet Pink!

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  1. Erica at 9:03 pm

    Super cute review! Love ur outfit too, Kim k was wearing something similar a few weeks ago but w/ a grey skirt, looks like you posted this a while ago… Beat her to it! 🙂

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