30th Birthday Bash?! What to Wear?

Ok, so I just got an email asking, “I am turning 30 and I want something fabulous to wear that will fit in with the Hollywood dress code, what should I wear?” Ok, so here are a few things a girl should think about before selecting the perfect 30th birthday outfit.

1. Your age. 30 is not the new 21. You’re not 100, but nothing is worse than a woman dressing like a teenager. When selecting your outfit, (No matter how hot you are) choose wisely. You can show off your bod but do it tastefully.

2. Stay away from cheap materials and fabrics, anything cotton, shiny spandexy, pleather etc… Cheap material leaves you looking…yep, you guessed it… CHEAP and low budget.

3. Avoid dresses that are too tight, too short, too low cut, too see through, too covered or too old. Turtleneck sweater dresses to me just scream out cougar. They’re ok sometimes but not on a birthday. If you go super short, make sure you’re covered up a bit more up top and vice versa. Tube top dresses? Make sure they’re a bit longer. You should never be showing off EVERYTHING at once. Boobs, butt, silhouette, pick one to focus on.

She sent me a link to a site she was looking at so I will choose a few dresses I think would be a good fit for a 30 year olds birthday party in LA 🙂

1. Cute, trendy color. Stands out in a crowd. Birthday girl pink. Shows skin but is appropriate. Flirty and sexy but not trashy. The belt looks a bit cheap, if possible I would switch it out for a better one but it could be saved with nice shoes and accessories.

pink birthday dress

2. You can’t go wrong with a black cocktail dress. Shows enough with the tube top and the length. The ruffle keeps it classier.

birthday dresses, dresses

3. I loveee this one. The color is so cute, stands out, ruffles and length keep it innocent, form fitting but not over kill. Would look super cute with rhinestone accessories and black heels OR Slave For You it up and pair it with all gold accessories and heels. Smokey eyes for sure 😉

Teal birthday party dress

4. Sequins paired with black tights is also super cute. I would add over the knee boots to kick it up a birthday notch. Don’t skip the tights on super short dresses tho. Short dress + thigh high boots= tights needed to avoid stripperish looks. This dress below is pretty long so knee high boots could work without tights here.

sequins black dress

These are just a few ideas to get you started. When shopping look for something that fits your body and that you are comfy in. You want to have a fun night and not be hasslin with a dress all night. Remember show enough but not too much. Happy shopping!

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  1. deedi01 at 4:05 pm

    Hi Amanda,

    do u mind sending me a link for were i can find the sequined black dress?


  2. Casey Schmidt at 12:01 pm

    Where could I find any of these dresses?

  3. amandajo Author at 5:02 pm

    This post is pretty old so the dresses are now sold out. I would use this as a template to search for similar dresses. You can also click on each dress and be taken to the website of each dress to shop similar looks! xo

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