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So I don’t know about you but I workout a lot. Nothing tooooo psycho but enough to expect more results. I always complain about it so it is about time I try something else. I never want to take weird diet pills because I consider it cheating and I also don’t want to take anything bad for my body. I could easily lose 10lbs the wrong way but everyone knows those results are temporary.

Since I already eat healthy and workout a fair amount, what else am I supposed to do? There has to be something missing. I am NOT one of the fortunate ones who simply has to just eat healthy and workout to stay perfect and in shape. I feel once I lost the 10lbs THEN I could maintain that weight on my own with diet and exercise but until then, how am I going to lose those 10 lbs?

Click here to read about my Need To Lose 10lbs asap plan :)


FUPA please go away!!!! sdsdfdfgdfgdfg

Now that I have this site I have the privilege of trying out almost any product I want in return for reviewing it here on my site. Therefore I have been on the hunt for the perfect solution to my problem. Although I had many samples sent to me related to weight loss, the one I am choosing to try out is Advocare. Here is why:

1. It is actually made by REAL doctors. Not weirdos in lab coats on QVC. Some of the top ranked doctors at UC Davis and Yale are behind these products.

2. Advocare products are endorsed by athletes all over the US. Luis Castillo, Drew Brees, John Kitna to name a few. NONE are paid to use Advocare. None!

3. People everywhere are dropping TONS of weight, like over 50lbs! Check out this before and after, ahhhh! Plus all the products are healthy and safe. This product is by no means a miracle weight loss fad diet, more so a lifestyle change. I plan on working out hard still and really putting in the effort to make this happen. Advocare will simply be a little push in the right direction.


There are many other reasons why I went with this one but I will talk about that later. I just am excited to try it out. So far it consists of taking a series of vitamins, shakes, and supplements… I don’t have too much to lose but I would love to ideally lose 10 lbs.

I will keep you posted on my Advocare adventure! I will let you know how easy it is to follow, how hungry I was throughout the day, and how soon I saw results, if any.

I am hoping that after 10 lbs I look a bit more like this ;) Maybeeee that’s 20 ahha shOOT :( Ok, ok…I’ll be cool with -10.

britney spears

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  1. Kail - August 28, 2009 7:53 am

    A few things….

    1) I’m sure you’re aware Amanda… but for everyone else: If you choose to take this product it doesn’t mean you can be a couch potato, eat junk all the time, etc and expect results like the chick above. Sure Advocare may assist in weight loss but its not a one step answer. There is not a way to magically lose 10 lbs, you’re going to have to work for it. “Supplementation, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, can have a dramatic impact on your health and wellness.” (quote from Advocare site).

    2) Read this testomonial. This woman seems to have her head on straight, definitely exercising and we will assume she’s eating a healthy diet. She lost 70 lbs in 4 months. Great!.. right? Advocare claims to be safe for your body nutritionally… and it may be (I haven’t dug into the nutritional info yet)… but there is no way in hell that losing 70 lbs in 12 weeks is healthy for your body! A healthy rate to lose weight is 1-2 lbs per week… this allows time to let your skin to go back into position. Also if you lose weight too quickly your body goes into “famine mode” and anything you eat is going to be stored as fat… to get you through the next “famine.” I understand you only want to lose 10 lbs Amanda… so this doesn’t apply so much, but I thought I’d include it for other readers who might be considering losing more weight with Advocare or a similar product/crazy fad diet.

    3) “Everybody wants to know what I’m on. What am I on? I’m on my bike busting my ass six hours a day. What are you on?” – Lance Armstrong

    Good luck my west coast sister :)

  2. Kail - August 28, 2009 7:56 am

    side note to # 2….

    the “famine” response is why so many people end up gaining back weight they lose… “yo-yo” dieting

  3. amandajo - August 28, 2009 10:04 am

    OF COURSEEEEEEE Kail! If anything I will probably work out MORE. I love how you look out for me ha ha. I wish I did, but I dont have 6 hours a day like lance to ride my bike aklsdasdkl and im not blessed with a bod like yours where exercise and diet is enough. Like I said, once i get to where I want to be, then i shall maintain on my own :) and trust me, famine is a word i will never know

  4. Kyle - August 28, 2009 10:25 am

    I completely agree!! that is awesome advice and to lose weight that fast is not safe at all. Just to let you know, no one in advocare says that you should lose weight that fast and I personally tell everyone that 1-2 pounds a weeks is safe. Does that mean that someone who loses weight faster than that is doing it wrong? I don’t think so. I think everyone is different and reacts to positive stimulus’ differently. It is safe to put a statistic out there, and people need to be aware of the negative side affects, but some people need to lose fast for healths sake.

    Let me reassure you again that we do not try to promote a lose weight quick, hollywood diet type of lifestyle. Everyone I talk to about Advocare will get the same info you just gave above. It is a lifestyle change that makes the difference, and exercise, proper nutrition and supplementation will help the average person achieve their desired results!

    If you want to check out the company, who makes the products and who endorses them visit and you can also email the doctors who make our products at

  5. Mandi - March 27, 2011 12:21 am

    Thanks for the info everyone! Am looking for a way to loose weight now that I am 30!!!! Ahhh! I have some friends using advocare and wanted to get some more info on it!! My only concern is my heart! I tend to have a high heart rate, and have all my life, and do not want anything dangerous going into my body that will mess with that!!

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