Khloe Kardashian in All White

Isn’t it funny how every few months or so, a different Kardashian pops up with some dramatic new look? Lately Khloe has been the one in the limelight, receiving tons of attention for her post divorce weight loss. I can’t blame people for talking about her though, as I think she is looking great and I really love this outfit look!

Khloe is wearing white Frame Denim skinny jeans, a Touchdown Jersey by Ricki Brazil, Louboutin pumps and a Hermès Birkin bag.

khloe kardashian 77 jersey

khloe kardashian 77 jersey white denim

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What to Wear to Coachella

My fabulous intern Kirstin and I took some Coachella inspired pictures this week for work, so, if you happen to be heading out to the festival, here are a few outfit inspirations! Coachella tends to be pretty hot, and considering you are roaming around all day, you’ll really want to be as comfy as possible when selecting an outfit.

My tips for actually enjoying the event, and not worrying about being uncomfortable, would be to:

  • Wear light colors and light weight fabrics.
  • Wear flats or a very comfortable wedge. Wearing comfortable shoes is probably the most important tip.
  • Headbands are cute, but, mine annoyed me after just a few minutes and then messed up my hair.
  • Opt for a more natural looking make up, paired with a fun, bold lip!
  • Load up on accessories if you want to blend in, this festival is all about bangles, flower crowns, rings & statement necklaces.
  • You will probably end up sitting in the grass, so wear something you can sit down in.
  • Overall, you want to be cute, however, comfort at this event is essential.

-And now for some of our looks-

naughty monkey happy

Naughty Monkey Hot Tamale

Naughty Monkey Hot Tamale

 naughty monkey sunflower

naughty monkey sunflower

naughty monkey sunflower

Kirsten is wearing:

I am wearing:


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Califia Farms Almond Milk & Coffee

I have been super over my blog lately, but, I had to share this awesome new find with you all because it really is a great discovery. My girlfriend Ana posted this coffee drink on her instagram the other day, leaving me curious for more info, because I am obsessed with coffee and almond milk. I used to drink it all of the time until I learned about the nasty additives most almond milk comes with. Carrageenan and Xanthan Gum are two additives I personally avoid, so I was beyond happy to learn that the Califia Farms brand uses less than 2% of these in all their products. (Seems to be impossible to find products without any additives, as they are what keeps them “fresh” in stores.)

If you are wondering why I avoid those two additives, you can read more about that here.

 Califia Farms Iced Coffee & Almond Milk

califia almond milk coffee

This just has coffee, water, almonds and pure cane sugar = the perfect iced coffee. Sure, sugar isn’t the best for you, however, when it comes to coffee I need a little sweetness and this is the perfect way to get exactly that. I can honestly say this stuff is the yummiest coffee I have ever had, I had to force myself to stop drinking it. I think I drank 3 servings in the last 45 minutes, oops.

Califia Farms also makes almond milk, with less than 2% of additives, so if you love almond milk, and want to make a healthier choice, I would suggest trying this brand out instead. As if I wasn’t already obsessed, I just found out they also make different flavors of their iced coffee, yum I want them all.

califia farms iced coffee

If you are interested in trying these out, I would suggest using the store locator on their website here, because their inventory varies from city to city. I found the “Double Espresso” flavor at Stater Brothers, along with two of their almond milks, however not all stores carry their full line so it’s best to check before.


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NEW Music: Sam Smith

I was watching SNL last night and this guy, Sam Smith, was the performer. I had never heard of him before, but, the short story is, he is an English singer-songwriter and he is coming out with a new CD this May. He has such a powerful, unique voice, I felt like I was in church listening to him sing, however Jesus wasn’t mentioned once. I listened to a few of his other songs, many of which I enjoyed also. So, if you like new music, this guy is a great one to add to your playlist.

Now Playing: Sam Smith- Stay With Me & Money on my Mind

sam smith snl

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Cute New Laptop Bag!

Sorry I have been MIA, as usual… I always have these little projects that I become consumed with, so please forgive me for my lack of posts. I do, however, have a few new things to post, the first being this cute new purse I just got from Lulu*s. While it is designed to be a regular handbag, I actually use mine as a work bag also, because it fits my laptop and iPad perfectly, all while leaving tons of room for all my snacks :)

My laptop is the 13″ macbook and fits inside perfectly.

Brights Out Teal Handbag- $40.00

cute laptop bag

cute laptop bags

naughty monkey starshine

naughty monkey starshine

Other look details:

And that is all for now… back to my other jobs I go.

Be back soon! xo

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Behind the Scenes at Fox Sports

Today my girlfriend Kirstin and I headed Downtown to watch a local T.V. show film in the Fox Studios. Kirstin’s sister, Brooke, is actually a host for Fox Sports, so she invited us to visit behind the scenes to see how a few of their shows were filmed. It’s always fun to see what goes on behind the camera, especially at a network as large as Fox. The studio itself was super cool, check out the awesome view that overlooks Petco Park!


Kirsten, Brooke & I

brooke roberts fox




Overall it was a super fun day with perfect San Diego weather however, I am excited that the forecast has rain in store for the next four days :)

Outfit Details-

* Top & Skirt- Windsor

* Necklace- Windsor

* Shoes- Naughty Monkey

* Sunglasses- Lulu*s

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Lunch in Seaport Village

The weather here in San Diego is pretty up and down at the moment; one minute it’s freezing cold, feeling like Winter and then the next, it’s warm and sunny, feeling like Summer. The worst part is, you never really know what the weather will be like until you wake up each day but today, since it was actually warm out, a girlfriend and I decided to have lunch in Seaport Village. If you live in San Diego and haven’t checked out Seaport Village yet, you really should, it’s so cute! To me it’s like a super mini Disneyland, they have cute dessert shops, character drawings, tons of unique snacks, a carousel, fun candy shops and of course a handful of nice restaurants overlooking the water you can dine at. It really is the perfect place for a lunch or dinner date and I feel like most San Diegan’s forget how cute it is here.

Since the weather really does change by the minute, you can see I dressed for a little of both seasons, Winter & Summer. My favorite part of today’s outfit was my new “Windsong” blue suede wedges by Naughty Monkey. I am obsessed with how bright and comfortable these are and since I normally find myself in a lot of black, these wedges were a great way to brighten up my otherwise dull wardrobe. Because I wanted to tie in the blue from the shoes a little more, I added a blue beaded bracelet and some reflective blue shades. Some people don’t like to be matchy, matchy but I do ☺

naughty monkey windsong

naughty monkey windsong

naughty monkey windsong

naughty monkey windsong

naughty monkey windsong

❋ Outfit Details ❋

Bracelet- No clue it’s literally from 1995

Hair Color- Angela Mansour

Hair Extensions- Bellami Clip in Hair in Dark Brown

Nail Color- Orly Gel in Beach Cruiser

Purse- Lulu*s (old)

Shoes- Naughty Monkey

Skirt- Forever

Sunglasses- Lulu*s

Top- Express (old)

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